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Are Lab Tests Important? YES! That is why it is part of

Advanced Testing & Why It Is So Important to Your Health

At Oklahoma Men’s Clinic we realize it would be impossible to find a desired location without a map.  The same is true when determining whether or not you are deficient in testosterone, or if it may be another issue causing you to not be able to access the testosterone you already have.  There are is other important things we must know about you before starting, or recommending therapy as well.  This is why we provide advanced laboratory work.  By doing specific testing, we can ensure your success and safety during your therapy with us.  We are experts at analyzing and interpreting your Lab results, educating you on what they mean to your health, and using them to maximize your Vitality blended testosterone replacement therapy.

What We Test for and Why

SHBG is a glycoprotein that binds to testosterone and can prevent it from being Active.  As you can see (by the chart to the left) as you age, your testosterone levels go down, but your SHBG goes up.  So what?  Why is that important? Only by checking this level can we lower your SHBG, and stop it from preventing your body access to the testosterone you already have.

Total Testosterone is the sum of both biologically active and inactive testosterone. Free Testosterone is the what is biologically active and available for your body to use. The chart to the left shows you that starting around age 35 testosterone levels (Total Testosterone) decline by about 1% per year, however Free Testosterone decreases at about a 20% higher rate. By testing for not just total testosterone, like most clinics, we can actually determine your real deficiancy in your free Testosterone.

These 3 tests we call the big 3 because they are paramount to treating your testosterone therapy correctly and effectively. Understand that your total testosterone is important, however the Free Testosterone must be considered equally, if not more. At Oklahoma Men’s Clinic we interpret these labs to identify your precentile, and then by evaluating your symptoms, are able to maximize your therapy.

PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen)

PSA test is done to pre-screen for prostate cancer. Though no real proof or study has been able to substantiate the claim that Testosterone therapy can feed an active cancer. However, as a precaution we test to see if there is a raised level before recommending therapy. If we find a raised level, we will refer you for clearence for treatment to a urologist. This is a great test, and we haved identifyed early prostate cancer in patients and been able to get them treated.

CBC (Complete Blood Count)

CBC is often refered to as a hemoglobin Test. Hemoglobin is a protein in your red blood cells that carries oxygen to yhour bodys organs and tissues and transports carbon dioxide from your organs and tissues back to your lungs. If your hemoglobin is lower than normal it is called anemia, which could explain some of your symptoms. If the hemoglobin is high it means that your blood is especially thick. Testosterone therapy will add additional thickness to your blood. Therfore it becomes important that you donate blood reguarly during therapy, otherwise it would increase the possibiliy of a stroke or heart attack. At Oklahoma Men’s Clinic your saftey is paromount which is why we make sure we have all the tests we need to safley treat your condition.

All these Tests and many more with our Comprehensive Labs

Oklahoma Men’s Clinic Uses Advanced Lab Testing as Part Of our Vitality Blended Hormone Therapy