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The Aging Process and ED in Oklahoma City & Tulsa OK

How to Cope with Your Sexual Health and Your Body’s Natural Aging Process

The Aging Process and ED in Oklahoma City & Tulsa OK

Impotence, which is medically known as Erectile dysfunction (ED), is a common problem for almost every man over the age of 40.  Many men find that they no longer can penetrate their partner because of the inability to have a full erection.  Also, men find they can no longer maintain an erection long enough to satisfy their partner.  In many cases, this condition is caused simply by the natural aging process.  The male erection is a complex thing made up of many different factors such as hormone balance, blood flow or arterial function, brain and nerve function, and overall wellness.  Additionally, to get a full erection a man’s prostate must also be functioning properly.  Any one thing, deficient due to the natural aging process, in this complex process, which does not work right, can cause the loss of sexual ability. A huge study done just over 10 years ago, found that ED was affecting over 72% of the control group of 1300 males between age 40 and 70.  It is now estimated that 45-60 million men now suffer from Erectile dysfunction.  It simply makes sense that as we age so do all our organs and tissues.  Circulatory systems, prostate health, hormones, and all major organs are affected.  Because of these natural changes, the larger population of men will have at least one form of Erectile Dysfunction as they naturally age.

Can You Help Me?


Dealing with your body’s natural reaction to aging, can be tough, and not an easy subject to bring up with your partner at the dinner table. At Oklahoma Men’s Clinic, our confidential facilities and staff, recognize the importance of discreetness. Our physicians and providers will go through a complete medical evaluation and make sure you are healthy enough to have sex. We will go over all medications that may affect your sexual health. Any past surgeries or conditions you have had will be evaluated by our medical staff. We will perform comprehensive ultrasound and BMI (Body Mass Index) testing to ensure you are receiving the proper blood flow to become fully erect. After assessing your final blood work, our team of medical professionals will develop the best solution for you. Our Oklahoma Men’s Clinic licensed medical providers will give you the best advice and recommendations based on all medical history and factors discovered during your office visit.  Whether it is our new prolific therapy (Which requires little or no medication), Bypass Sublingual Therapy, or Trimed Therapy, will advise you on all of your options.