Maybe you’ve heard murmurings about testosterone therapy or know someone who has tried it. Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is one of those subjects lots of people are buzzing about, but not many fully understand. For men affected by lower than average levels of testosterone, TRT offers a way to get your life back on track and regain your confidence and health.


At Oklahoma Men’s Clinic in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, our men’s health experts can help you live your best life through testosterone replacement therapy. We’ve put together this helpful guide to TRT to help you understand how TRT can improve your life.

Increased Sexual Health and Performance

When your testosterone levels are not where they should be, the effect on your sexual health can be significant. Lower testosterone levels can cause a wide range of sexual problems which can impact your relationships. TRT levels out your hormones, bringing you back online for peak sexual health.


TRT can help with these sexual dysfunction issues:

Increased Energy Levels

Lower energy levels caused by diminished testosterone can dramatically affect your daily life. Fatigue and lethargy lead to a lower quality of work performance and can even impact your income. When your energy level impacts your daily routine, TRT can provide a welcome relief. Increased testosterone can help regulate your energy levels. It can also lead to healthier and more restful sleep.

A Better Body

It’s common for most men to gain a little weight as they get older, but that doesn’t mean it’s healthy. As most men mature into their late thirties and forties, it can be easier to tack on pounds and much more difficult to shave them off. But when testosterone levels are lower than expected, this weight gain can be even more difficult to manage. This can, in turn, impact your self-confidence and sex drive.


TRT can help your body manage weight better and aid in creating healthy, attractive muscle tone. TRT will also boost your endurance for physical fitness and your physical strength.


Here are a few more benefits of TRT:

Testosterone Replacement in Tulsa and Oklahoma City

For men with lower testosterone levels, TRT can be the key to taking charge and getting your life back on track. If you’ve been wondering what TRT can do for you, this is one time where you can believe the hype. At Oklahoma Men’s Clinic, we can check your testosterone levels and help determine the best treatment plan.

Our professional, sensitive team of men’s health care experts look forward to helping men like you get started on the road to a healthier life. Vitality Blended Testosterone Therapy provides total hormone therapy to regulate your body and restore your health.  Contact us to schedule an appointment in Tulsa or Oklahoma City, or give us a call at 405.400.9915.

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