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Bypass Troches in Oklahoma City & Tulsa, OK

The problem with Viagra – Cialis – Levitra

Many men find relief from their ED symptoms using Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis. Each of these come in a pill form and have standard strengths. When taken, these vasodilators open up the arteries in the penis allowing blood to flow more freely. Unfortunately, they cannot choose what arteries to dilate, so many blood vessels other than in the penis are also dilated. This is what causes many of the reported side effects like blurred vision, and upset stomach.


Understand that these medications are “residual drugs” meaning that you will build up a resistance to them over time. Both as your condition worsens, and the drug becomes residually less effective, you will require higher doses to achieve the same results. Viagra maximum dose is suggested at 150mg and 20mg for Levitra and Cialis, but if you need more than that to achieve an erection, then you will also increase the risk factors and side effects of the medication. At some point you will reach the maximum in which the medication can be taken safely and effectively orally. That is when you are forced to seek other therapies. We have the answer when that day comes.

Theses pills come in standard doses, so if you require more or less you must use a pill splitter. Pill splitters waste approximately 2mg or 10mg (2mg Cialis/Levitra & 10mg Viagra) of powder each time they are used. Considering the average cost of the pills is about $35 for (20mg of Cialis & Levitra & 100mg of Viagra) splitting of the pill could cost as much as $3.50. When splitting pills, you are rarely able to get a precise dose. Additionally, you may be taking more than you need when taking an entire tablet.

These pills are taken orally, and absorbed into the blood stream through the gastral system. Because they enter the blood stream through the stomach, whatever stomach contents accompany them effect the way they work. Alcohol and eaten meals can dramatically affect the outcome of the medication. Too large of a meal or more than a couple of drinks could greatly delay the erection time, and directly affect the fullness of the erection.

Often men take their significant other out for dinner and drinks, a barbeque, or maybe just a bottle of wine with dinner at home. These oral medications can be rendered ineffective after these pre-intercourse routines. Part of the joy of sex with your partner is the other things that you do pre-intercourse. So many men find it unfortunate that they miss that “perfect time” because the medication is either delayed or rendered ineffective.


Bypass’s are compounded medications using the base medications found in Viagra (Silenafil), Cialis (Tadalafil), and Levitra (Vardenafil). Just like facial tissue is often called Kleenex, these base chemicals are best known by a brand name. Oklahoma Men’s Clinic uses these base chemicals and enhances them with Apo morphine into a compounded tablet known as a troche. Apo morphine is a dopamine, which relaxes your mind. Many men can suffer from the anxiety of not knowing whether or not they can perform. The Apo morphine settles the mind and reduces the chance of sexual anxiety.

Troche’s are used to Bypass, meaning they are placed under the tongue, and absorbed into the body in the large artery’s under the tongue. It takes about 3-5 minutes for the troche to dissolve. This allows the medication to be more completely absorbed (about 30% better than a pill) directly into the blood system. So simply said, we bypass the gastral system, allowing you to eat and drink as you please (meals and drinks bypassed) and give you a quicker more complete response to the medication. This allows men to fully enjoy pre-intercourse activities.

Troches are small squares which are pre-scored into 1/4ths. They are soft and mildly pliable and easy to cut with a sharp knife. They come in 80mg (Cialis/Levitra) and 150mg (Viagra) so they are able to be manipulated into many different doses customized to the user. A good example would be if you require 10mg of Cialis then you cut 1/4thtroche, then cut that ¼ in half losing absolutely no medication in the split. This is something you could never do with a pill. In this example a man could get 8 precise doses from one troche. By custom dosing you can increase or lower the dose easily to fit your situation and needs.


Some men should not take Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra because they are already taking other medicines, have a certain disease or had a medical problem in the past that could be harmful to their overall health. If you are in one of these situations, you should talk with a Oklahoma Men’s Clinic Physician before trying these medications.

Men who have had a stroke or heart attack within the last six months should avoid Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. If you have a history of pubic lesions, STDs and other sexual diseases such as fibrosis, if you have an extremely low blood pressure or high, you could be a risk patient using these medications. People with liver, kidney, or eye disease should not use these medications.

If you take medication for blood pressure, such as alpha-blockers, it is better to have a discussion with a Oklahoma Men’s Clinic Physician before deciding to use Viagra Levitra or Cialis Similarly, men who already use other drugs to help with the erection or other drugs containing nitrates such as nitroglycerin, isosorbide or poppers should not take Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis.