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Hormones and Depression in Men in Oklahoma City & Tulsa, OK

Can Hormones Cause Depression?

Depression is one of the most serious symptoms of HGH and Testosterone deficiency. When these levels are low there are so many negative symptoms like low energy, mental fogginess, weight gain, loss of muscle mass, and an overall feeling of not being well. As a result of these symptoms, many men fall into a deep sense of not being in control of their life. These low levels can affect the production of the thyroid of serotonin (Also Known as the happy Hormone), sliding men into a deep depression. This is even more serious when you consider Men are 70% more likely to commit suicide and run a 60% greater risk of chemical dependency as compared to their female counterparts. It has been determined that men that are low on HGH and Testosterone are as much as 400% more at risk to fall into depression.

The Solution: Treatment for Male Menopause Depression

Because there is such a strong relationship between Male depression and Low HGH and testosterone levels, It is significant that you get these hormones in balance. Because Oklahoma Men’s Clinic specializes in the field it is as easy as coming in and getting tested. The worst that could happen is you find a better healthier life.