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Does My Age Affect Erectile Dysfunction?

ED Clinic Near Me in OKC & Tulsa

Although you may feel alone, a large number of men struggle with erectile dysfunction or the inability to achieve an erection. At Oklahoma Men’s Clinic we understand how ED or ‘impotence’can affect not only intimacy in a relationship but self-confidence as well. With just one visit to your nearest ED clinic, we can help restore your sexual confidence. Erectile dysfunction is a common problem. A study done by researchers from the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health reports that over 18 million men in the U.S. over the age of 20 are affected by erectile dysfunction. But here’s the good news! Thousands of men have successfully regained their vitality and sexual confidence back in just one visit to Oklahoma Men’s Clinic.

What causes erectile dysfunction?

There are a few common factors associated with ED. One of the most common causes of ED is the natural process of aging. Almost 40% of men older the age of 40 suffer from erectile dysfunction. The older you get, the longer and longer it may take to maintain an erection. Other physical factors can also play a role in impotence. These can include:

  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Restricted blood flow
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Low T

What explains the rise in ED in younger men?

  1. A Crappy Diet

Over the past 20 years, erectile dysfunction has been on a steady rise. This common problem goes hand in hand with poor eating habits. On a national average, the consumption of saturated fats, hydrogenated oils, high-fructose corn syrup has skyrocketed over the past 20 years. From fast-food to microwavable meals, a poor diet begins to strain your vascular function. This means there is limited blood flow to the penis. There is no secret to this one. Healthy eating means strong, healthy blood flow.

  1. Booze, Narcotics & Tobacco

More popular than ever, the use of narcotics and opioids in young adults has swept the nation. Whether it’s a college party, vacation, or just a Friday night the use of painkillers and narcotics is resulting in high rates of erectile dysfunction in younger men. These types of drugs suppress testosterone levels and decrease blood flow, leaving you with the inability to achieve an erection. Not only do drugs result in poor erectile performance, so does booze and tobacco. So next time you’re headed out for the night, think twice before ordering that last drink!

  1. Couch Potato?

Over the past 20 years, physical fitness stats have plummeted. Men and woman have never been so stagnant. Not only at home watching Netflix, but at work as well. The giant shift in the job market is gearing people towards desks and computers. In other words, we spend a lot more time on our butts. Not only is your physical fitness at stake, putting constant pressure on your waistline, can affect the vigor below the belt.

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