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Hormone Replacement Therapy Testing & Treatment Solutions in Oklahoma City

Revitalize and Restore, Oklahoma Men’s Clinic can help you reverse the signs of natural aging. Oklahoma Men’s Clinic provides licensed physicians that can help you determine the right treatment options for you.

Restore Low Level HGH Therapy

Where will you be in 20 years?

What Is HGH?

No one wants to look like Father Time or have their gray hair pointed out to them at every social or business function in the Oklahoma City area.We would stay forever young if we could. Once you hit the middle age mark of about 40, you might find your will is there but your body is no longer performing like it used to.You may take regimens of vitamins, exercise regularly, and even eat will.Despite this, you still feel the effects of aging taking place in your body. Why is this happening despite all of your efforts to fight back the effects of time on your body?It might just be a hormone imbalance in your HGH Levels.

HGH (also known as Human Growth Hormone) is naturally produced by the pituitary gland.While HGH was discovered by scientists many years ago, it never got much in the way of attention or scientificstudy.This was until 1990 when Dr. Daniel Rudman published the results of his study in the New England Journal.He studied two groups of older men.One group was given HGH while one group was not. He noted positive changes in the group that received HGH as opposed to the test control group that did not.His research verified that HGH is a certainly medically necessary and is one of the best anti-aging substances known to scientists.

Originally, human growth hormone was used to treat children who were diagnosed with growth deficiencies.Doctors quickly learned that not only did older people need it, but it would greatly benefit their bodies. Soon after it was discovered by scientists that middle aged people could heavily benefit from HGH therapy and beat back the early effects of age on their bodies. Residents of Oklahoma City can benefit from HGH therapy today.

How Does Oklahoma Men’s Clinic Treat Low HGH?

One of the largest growing sectors of our economy is assisted living, hospices, and nursing homes. We are living longer now than ever before, maybe longer than our bodies were designed for. Sure, modern science and surgeries may extend our life by decades, but has anyone helped improve the quality of life during the aging process? We have at the Oklahoma Men’s clinic.Let us introduce you and your body to what we have shown others in Oklahoma City: RESTORE, our low level HGH therapy.What is RESTORE? It’s exactly as it sounds. Our treatment reverses the damage natural aging does to your body.Our therapy will keep you younger and stronger for much longer. What you decide today will determine how you live tomorrow. When you reach age 70, do you want to be running a Nursing Home or unable to run at all?Learn more about RESTORE low level HGH therapy today.

Do I Have the Signs of Low HGH Levels?

You may not know this, but HGH levels fall much quicker than testosterone.Your body also produces less HGH much earlier in the aging process than testosterone also as shown in the chart above. As you can see, you are very deficient at a much younger age than you may realize.This deficiency can become so severe, you may start to suffer some adverse health symptoms.These can only be treated with growth hormone replacement theory.

Do you suffer these signs of low human growth hormone and related hormonal issues?

If you do, then don’t hesitate to call the Oklahoma Men’s Clinic and set up an appointment today to talk about what we can do for you.