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Our Best 5 Star Patient Reviews About Oklahoma Men's Health Clinic in Oklahoma City & Tulsa, OK

It's time to get back in the game!

Feeling Young Again

Great energy now! I feel like I am 15 years younger at the gym and in the bedroom.

- D R.

The staff were great and the product is awesome but be prepared for the "hard sell" presentation.

- Bobby W.

I like that Men’s clinic takes their time to find the right dose and treatment that is best for you. The staff is very friendly and attentive. They explain the treatments and seek to meet each individually.

- D J.

Good service ,nice people. and have helped with weight loss but still need more.

- Dennis K.

First Time, Not My Last

Staff is professional and accommodating. First time my men’s health have been addressed with serious medical intent, understanding, and follow through.

- Mark W.


- Davis

Very Professional

The staff was very nice and very professional and the credit counselor very beautiful and sweet they helped me through all of the whole process when I was being very rude to them.I would love to come back and see them again

- David W.

I had been to another Dr. and they had completely misread my diagnoses… The Oklahoma Men’s Clinic is comfortable and nice clean environment. The Dr.’s here have been wonderful to deal with and understanding of my condition. They are more than willing to help. Their staff is quick and doesn’t make you wait. With my schedule I have to be in and out and they “get it”.

- K B.

The staff at Oklahoma Men’s Clinic was great. They were very professional and through. I was not expecting for the appointment to take 1 to 2 hours, but considering the amount of tests they performed

- Aaron Z.

Professional and courteous. I have enjoyed my experience with OK Men’s Clinic. The product is easy to use and very effective.

- Steve A.

Well pleased with service and outcome !


My activity level had drastically decreased after semi-retiring. Not only was I feeling "draggy" all the time, It seemed my get up and go…. left town. After a visit to the Men's Clinic and consultation with Dr. Pope, I've noticed my energy level beginning to return and my quality of life in all aspects has improved greatly. The best money I've spent in an investment in myself. Thanks!

- Bobby H.

Every visit to the Oklahoma Men's Clinic, has been very satisfactory. The doctors and staff have been very helpful, and takes the time to answer my questions. My visits have been handled in a timely manner and so far the treatments have helped me immensely.

- Virgil L.

Good service.

- Leroy Y.

Great experience

- Brent G.

Never had a problem here. very thankful for the people whove helped me turn my life around and who are always very polite and happy to greet people.

- Andrew K.

I feel a world better since coming to the clinic. my energy level has increased as well as a major increase in sex drive. Very glad i came here!

- Jackie S.

Like the treatment. Like coming into the office. Quick service.

- Howard R.

My experience was great. They talked and acted like I was a person and were very helpful. They got me the medication I need and it worked right away no side effects. Thank you.

- Jerry F.

Really great made me feel comfortable and very satisfied with the service and results and they weren’t satisfied until I was satisfied

- Paul D.

Life changing!

- DL

I have been coming here for almost 4 months. i have nothing negative to say about the staff or the treatment I have received. I would recommend to friends as a matter of fact my son now goes here.

- KL

I was shocked that something like this could be done, everyone was very friendly and everything was explained to me in detail more than once.

- Larry S.

Love working with them.

- Travis M.

Excellent service!

- Trey

What a great overall experience! The staff was friendly and efficient. My results have been what I was told to expect. Very happy with my experience and results.

- Chris F.


I was in a new relationship and could’t perform. She was understanding, but I knew I needed to do something. Went to the Oklahoma Men’s Clinic website and learned so much. They had a solution for my problem, and I am Happy, Happy, Happy, and so is my girl.



I had heard Greg on the radio for years. My diabetes had left me unable to be intimate. I have to admit I was skeptical at first, but the staff at Oklahoma Men’s Clinic kept there word. My wife and I are closer now then ever, and this was the best decision I ever made.



I heard a radio ad that my ED could be fixed in one appointment, which I found hard to comprehend. Well they did it and I could not believe it. I am now including Testosterone therapy to regiment, and I am happy again and feel great.



The problem with ED is you feel so embarrassed about talking to anyone about it. The Oklahoma Men’s Clinic made it easy to talk about and just as easily corrected the problem. Now I know I was not alone, and I also know I am not alone in recommending this clinic.

- Rick Z A