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Oklahoma Men’s Clinic HGH Therapy Solution Plan

What is RESTORE Low Level HGH Replacement Therapy?

Low HGH is known as AGHD (Adult growth hormone deficiency) has been found to be associated with lower mortality. Tumors in the Pituitary and natural aging are the main reasons for Adult growth hormone deficiency. GHD (Growth hormone deficiency) has been linked to problems with memory, normal thinking, the cardiovascular system, metabolic rate, as well as bone abnormalities. HGH therapy has been shown to reverse these problems using a low-level protocol. The IGF-1 (Insulin-like growth factor) test is considered the gold standard of testing low HGH levels. Once these levels are detected as deficient GH (Growth Hormone) is administered in low doses using a daily subcutaneously self-administered injection. It is generally well tolerated at the low-doses used in adults with very few if any side effects. At Oklahoma Men’s Clinic, we provide a full HGH therapy solution from consultation, Testing, Diagnosis, and actual effective therapy. All of this is combined to offer you our RESTORE Low-Level HGH Therapy.

What Does RESTORE Low-Level HGH Therapy Include:

The Initial Visit:
At Oklahoma Men’s Clinic, we will first look at your symptoms, test results, diagnostic results, and our interview with you to find out whether HGH therapy is right for you. Then after reviewing your blood test results we will discover if there is a growth hormone deficiency and to what extent the body is deficient. Our provider will then utilize that information along with a person’s weight, height, and other factors to calculate the correct dosage for the individual. Also, those over 65 will probably start out with a lower dosage than someone in their forties of fifties, and that dosage may be increased over time.

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Enhanced Lab Testing:

Enhanced Labs includes the IGF-1, Free and total Testosterone, PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen), CBC (Complete Blood Count), and SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin). This is a key in identifying the underlying causes of your deficiency

What kind of HGH is Used and Why?

Omnitrope HGH is used for adult therapies. Just like the stimulation in growth of children, an important fact to remember is that growth relies upon the production of new cells which feed muscle, bone, and internal organ development.

What are the benefits of Restore HGH Therapy?

There are so many benefits to our Restore Low-Level HGH Therapy, and our Patients have enjoyed most all of them. The key is to find out what your goals and expectations are, so we find out if this therapy is right for you.

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