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Sleep Apnea and Insomnia in Men in Oklahoma City & Tulsa OK

Insomnia in men can be a challenging condition to deal with every night. The causes of this sleep disorder can vary significantly from the causes of insomnia in women. Andropause (or the male menopause) can cause low testosterone which studies have linked to insomnia or sleepless nights. If you have difficulty breathing or find it interrupted during the night, you may suffer from the sleep disorder known as sleep apnea. This condition affects approximately 9% of men in the Oklahoma City area and nationwide. This sleep disorder is also more common in obese males. Loud snoring and breathing troubles tends to interrupt sleep many times during the night of no only men, but also their partners. These sleep problems are often the result of Low T. Patients treated with testosterone therapy have seen improvements in their sleep apnea symptoms. Receiving this treatment from our medical clinic can often lead to slow wave or deep sleep much easier.

Men who suffer from insomnia because of Low T or low testosterone and sleep apnea will often suffer other problems. Fatigue, reduced insulin sensitivity, low human growth hormone levels, and high cortisol level are common symptoms associated with men who have been diagnosed with Low T. Studies have shown that Cortisol, the stress hormone, can increase with lengthy bouts of insomnia because of the increase stress on the body. Consistent high levels of his hormone can create a hormone pattern in the male body. This will also reduce testosterone production further magnifying the symptoms of Low T. This can also cause adrenal fatigue, which studies have shown amplifies fatigue and insomnia.

During the first 90 minutes of your sleep, your body produces human growth hormone. If your sleep is interrupted, then this hormone production is reduced. This too leads to decreased levels of testosterone and will cause reduced lean muscle mass. Getting consistent, deep sleep is essential for proper glucose control and insulin sensitivity. With your sleep disrupted, your body will no longer use insulin properly and the body will increase insulin production to control blood sugar. This cascading effect leads to weight gain and put your body into a pre-diabetic state. If unmanaged, your body will develop diabetes. You can ease and even avoid these health problems with Oklahoma Men’s Clinic’s Low T treatments. We’ll be able to pinpoint if low testosterone is causing these problems, and put you on the path for proper treatment at our sleep center.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea vs. Central Sleep Apnea

Men who have decreased muscle tone or too much tissue due to obesity as seen with low testosterone, may end up suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA.) Those suffering from this sleep disorder will see air flow through their mouth and nose inhibited. This will directly lead to increase snoring and reduces your body’s ability for adequate oxygenation during sleep. Men will find themselves waking up frequently during the night and achieve deep sleep less often. Central Sleep Apnea (CSA) is another sleep related disorder. Centered in the central nervous system, the brain signal for breathing becomes delayed. This is often the result of a disease or injury that affects the brain stem, the air traffic control tower for your nervous system.

In most cases, sleep apnea that is the of result low testosterone is obstructive sleep apnea. Our experienced doctors at the Oklahoma Men’s Clinic will be able to diagnosis through our state of the art testing which apnea you suffer from and help you find the path to a better night’s sleep.

The Solution: Sleep Apnea Treatment

The Oklahoma Men’s Clinic doesn’t take just one path to treating sleep apnea. We have a combined treatment plan at our sleep center to help you achieve a consistent deep night sleep. Our joint individual nutrition plan, biodentical hormone replacement therapy, supplements, and fitness programs are how we attack your sleep apnea from different angles. Ensuring proper levels of testosterone combined with a customized nutrition and exercise plan can lessen the hormonal and lifestyle causes of obstructive sleep apnea.

The Oklahoma Men’s Clinic won’t stop just there at our sleep center. Your physician will measure and put back into balance your cortisol, insulin, and other hormone levels that have been thrown into disarray by your sleep apnea. You will start sleeping deeply once again and increase your quality of life. The customized treatment programs at Oklahoma Men’s Clinic is the solution to your troubles getting a good night sleep.