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Testosterone in Oklahoma City & Tulsa, OK

Is Testosterone Important To My Health? The answer is YES! That’s why its part of our Vitality Blended TRT Therapy

How Does Oklahoma Men’s Clinic Differ from my General Practitioner?

At Oklahoma Men’s Clinic we certainly respect the training and respectability of a General Practitioner, however they rarley have the time to identify and properly treat Testosterone deficiency.  Most Doctors offices work on an insurance basis only, meaning they will not do tests or prescribe options that are not covered by insurance.  Unfortunatly, insurance companies do not respect the need for the patient to be at optimum levels, but rather just above minimum levels.  For example if you are 45 but have the testosterone level of a 70 year old, you may still be considered not to be low on testosterone.  At Oklahoma Men’s Clinic we see hundreds of Low T patients each month.  We look to treat our patients symptoms, and get them to the optimum levels.  We realize that everone must be treated differently, and the optimum level may be completely different for you than it is for another.  We evaluate your symptoms,  testing, examination, and give you a program that is customized for you.

What are the benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

So What is the Best Type of Therapy?

The Problem with Creams and Gels

Testosterone creams and gels rarley get the job done.  In Oklahoma, the summers are hot and as you sweat you also sweat off these creams and gels.  It is also easy to share the testosterone with your family by either physical contact or in the washing of clothes.  When a family member comes in contact with the cream they share your therapy which could be bad for their health. Additionally, creams and gels tend to provide less impact in delivery of your treatment.  We do not use gels or creams at Oklahoma Men’s Clinic.

Skip The Weekly Injections with our Incredi-Pellets

At Oklahoma Men’s Clinic we provide you with the latest and greatest therapies. Our Incredi-Pellet Testestorone Replacement gives you a perfect timely release very similar to the way your body releases Hormones naturally. These small (smaller than a dime in diameter and length) are surgically implanted in a fatty area like your abdomen or hip. The total procedure takes less than 15 minutes and you don’t have to return again for up to 5 months. Nearly a painless procedure, this is an effective way to replace your deficiency while meeting the demands of your busy life.

Getting it done “Old School” – Intramuscular Injections

Ever heard the saying “If it aint broke don’t fix it” this cannot be more true when it comes to testosterone therapy. Intramuscular injections fix the problems associated with pellets and gels. It is the oldest and most proven delivery system for your testosterone therapy, going straight into the blood system, and giving you immediate results. By giving injections we can adjust dosage of the therapy week to week customizing your results. Oklahoma Men’s Clinic uses Testosterone Cypianate and offer our patients weekly intramuscular injections. Why? Some clinics and general practioners give injections bi monthly and monthly. The problem with this protocol is that the patient feels the effects of the testosterone going away slowly, causing irritability and fatigue. These highs and lows can be eliminated by weekly injections giving consistant results week to week and month to month.

Oklahoma Men’s Clinic Uses Custom Prescribed Testosterone Injections as Part Of our Vitality Blended Hormone Therapy