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Trimed Injection Therapy in Oklahoma City & Tulsa OK

Trimed Injection Therapy

Who Is A Candidate For TRIMED Injection Therapy?

  • Men with PE (Premature Ejaculation)
  • Men who do not respond to Other Medications or Therapies
  • Men who desire a longer continuous sexual response cycle
  • Paraplegics or men who suffer from permanent nerve damage
  • Men with Radical Prostatectomy’s


TRIMED Is a mixture of three FDA approved drugs that increase blood flow and retention into the penis. These compounds act together to increase arterial inflow, dilate smooth muscles, and restrict venous outflow promoting erectile rigidity with a 95 percent success rate. When injected these erections can be controlled in both strength of erection, and duration. No matter how many times a man reaches normal orgasm and ejaculates, while using TRIMED he would remain erect for the duration of the medication.

At Oklahoma Men’s Clinic we custom blend the components to meet your individual needs meaning you can choose your firmness and duration. TRIMED works immediately causing a full erection within 10-15 Minutes.

How Does TRIMED Work?

TRIMED is injected directly into the side of the penis using a home applicator with a fine- gauge “insulin-style” syringe inside. It sounds terrible, but it is actually nearly painless, you never see the syringe, and it is very easy to use. When TRIMED is injected it increase blood flow to the penis and causes strong and lasting erections, with or without sexual stimulation.

To ensure perfect injection technique, it is imperative to be trained on how to use TRIMED by one of our Oklahoma Men’s Clinic providers.

Are TRIMED Injections Weird?

Most men who use TRIMED love it, and we have over 2,000 men using it currently in Oklahoma alone and hundreds of thousands nationwide. Many men that respond to traditional medications like Viagra, Levitra and Cialis prefer TRIMED therapy as it is immediate and works every time.

TRIMED is the only medication that allows a man to extend his sexual prowess as he can have multiple orgasms while remaining erect. It is the best solution for men who do not respond to other medications and therapies, and defiantly a better alternative than an implant.

What Are The Risks Of TRIMED?

The main potential side effect though rare are hematomas (bruising), fibrosis if used too frequently and on the same injection site, pain, and on rare occasions dangerously long-lasting erections known as Priapism’s. At Oklahoma Men’s Clinic we make sure you are able to reach one of our providers 24 hours a day and each of our patients is in possession of antidotes in the event of an extended erection. It is extremely important to remember never to use Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra before or at the same time as you use TRIMED. This is a dangerous combination that can increase the risk of priapism.

Contact Oklahoma Men’s Clinic to learn more about TRIMED therapy and how it could improve your sexual performance!