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Weight Gain in Men in Oklahoma City & Tulsa OK

Men with low Testosterone and HGH levels often see a substantial increase in weight gain. When these levels are low, and your cortisol levels are high, you begin to store fat rather than burn it. In addition, you start to lose the ability to convert fat to muscle mass, causing weight gain.

Contributors to Male Weight Gain

Stress (Which produces high Cortisol Levels) is a main reason we gain weight. High Cortisol causes your body to store rather than burn fat and increased appetite. Because of low HGH and Testosterone levels, the average person also becomes fatigued, making it even more difficult to exercise and lose weight. All of these cause stress on you, and stress then produces more Cortisol. It is a vicious circle. Low HGH also lowers your metabolic rate, and can then cause even more weight gain.

The Solution

At Oklahoma Men’s Clinic, we first identify your need for either Our Vitality Blended Testosterone Hormone Therapy or our Restore Low-Level HGH Therapy. By using state of the art testing and our provider evaluation, we will recommend the best therapy for you. Our goal at Oklahoma Men’s Clinic is to restore you to the man you used to be, and in some cases even better. Remember you do not have to live with obesity because we have customized plans of actions and therapies that are as individual as you are. Contact Oklahoma Men’s Clinic today to learn more about improving your weight, and your overall wellness.