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Medical Weight Loss Clinic in OKC

Visit the state of the art medical clinic to accelerate your weight loss success story. Get a customized treatment plan that works for you and your life.

Medical Weight Loss Clinic in OKC

When you want to gather your thoughts, you go to your Man Cave. When you want a custom plan tailored to your life to lose weight, you go to the Oklahoma Men’s Clinic.  We understand the man mentality and have diet plans specifically crafted for men. This isn’t a one size fits all medical clinic.  Our state of the art diagnostic equipment and testing will find and treat any hormone or thyroid condition that is standing in the way of your weight loss. We will be your partner in your weight loss. You’ll receive a daily email from us with a menu and a grocery list to ensure your success.  Our center has the latest in dietary supplements to help you lose weight quickly and safely. Our program is the solution to your weight loss.  Get it off and Keep it off at Oklahoma Men’s Clinic

The Initial Consult at Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Tulsa & OKC

When you arrive at the Oklahoma Men’s Clinic you’ll meet your provider who will give your initial consultation.  We want to pinpoint the various factors that can cause obesity so we can customize our plan for your weight loss solution.  Our highly skilled medical professionals will obtain your entire weight history.  This will include past diet attempts, your overall health, your goals, and conduct a medical physical.  This physical will include an EKG, Body Mass Index, and blood work using our state of the art equipment.  No stone will be left unturned to figure out the best customized weight loss plan for you at our center.

We may conduct additional tests to ensure you achieve your weight loss goals.

State Of The Art Latest Weight Loss Testing & Equipment

When you begin a new journey, you need a map or you risk going in circles. You might have felt you were going in circles with past failed weight loss attempts.  Don’t go on this journey without accurate directions!  The Oklahoma Men’s Clinic has the map to your weight loss in the form of the state of the art testing and evaluation equipment.  With these testing tools, we’ll show you why so many men come to this weight loss clinic in OKC.  We’ll show you the most effective and safe weight loss program and show you the week by week results.  You are not in this alone!  We’ll keep your focused on your program, show you your progress, and motivated you until we reach your goal together!

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