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Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Tulsa, OK

A state of the art medical clinic to speed up your weight loss story is waiting for you. Experienced doctors are waiting to craft a customized treatment plan that is a perfect fit for you and your life.

Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Tula, OK

A mancave is where you go to collect your thoughts and plan your next project. The Oklahoma Men’s clinic is where you go to get a weight loss plan tailored to your life. Our doctors and staff understand the man mentality and have years of experience customizing diet plans for men. One size fits all should be used when picking out a gift and not applied to weight loss solutions. Each man is an individual and our weight loss plans are individually adapted to them. We have state of the art testing and diagnostic equipment and will diagnose any hormone or thyroid condition that have frustrated past weight loss attempts. You won’t be going at it alone. We are your partner from start to finish. Every day you’ll get an email from us with a menu, a grocery list, and encouragement to ensure your success. We have the latest and proven dietary supplements to help you quickly and safely lose weight. The program at our medical center is the solution to your weight loss. Get it off and Keep it off at Oklahoma Men’s Clinic.

The Initial Consult at Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Tulsa & OKC

At your first visit to the Oklahoma Men’s Clinic, you’ll meet your personal doctor who will administer your individual consultation. Your provider will pinpoint any of the many causes and factors that leads to obesity. We’ll take this information to customize your plan for your weight loss success. To accomplish this, we will obtain your entire weight history. Past diet attempts, your overall health, your goals and a medical physical will all be used to craft your weight loss solution. During your medical physical, we will run a EKG test, measure your Body Mass Index, and conduct blood work using our state of the art equipment. We will look at every plausible cause of past weight loss failures, to find the program to ensure your weight loss success.

With that in mind, we may conduct additional tests after your initial visit to get the answers we need to move forward.

State Of The Art Latest Weight Loss Testing & Equipment

The Oklahoma Men’s Clinic in Tulsa, OK has the map to your weight loss journey. Without a map, you risk going in circles. We won’t let that happen! Our state of the art testing and evaluation equipment will point you in the right direction. These tools are why so many men come to our weight loss clinic in Tulsa. Learn the most effective and safe weight loss program from our highly-experienced professionals. You will not be in this alone! We’ll show you your progress week by week, keep you focused on your weight loss program, and motivate you until we reach your goal together.

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